Monday, May 18, 2009

The coming of are new baby girl Mckenzie

Saturday May 2nd 2009, The official due date, I was having small pains but that was all, so we decide to go for a ride in the jeep, well the ride that we went on was a very scary and nerveracking ride, but that is how Joe likes to go, lots of bumps and climbing really steep and big hills, well one steep one Joe jumped the jeep, scared the pee right out of me, i made him take me home, My sister and parents came down that night, my little niece wanted me to jump one the tramp and she wouldn't take no for an answer so we jumped on the tramp, that night at about 8:30pm The contractions started, bye 10:30pm they were 10 minutes apart, let me remind you we live 45 minutes out of town, we decide to go to my moms, bye the time we got there the contractions were 5 minutes apart, we waited en tell midnight before Joe took me to the hospital, the contractions were still 5 minutes apart, they sent me home I was only dilated to a 1, we got back to my moms stayed in there camper, well Joe did i was in and out of the shower, in with my mom and back in the camper with Joe, bye 9:00am I was in the shower again in a lot of pain crying and well hypervenilating and what comes with that is nasty stuff coming up, Joe had to take me out of the shower and convince me to go back to the hospital, we went in they kept me, hey gave me a room, and some pain medication, ( i was going to do it with out the epidorel but never again will i say that it was all epidural for me) they gave me the epidorel a little later. we wated all day long. I started to feel pain, not to bad but i did feel it, they gave some more pain medication, and more and more, i started to get sick, throwing up, and I could feel all the pain in one side which then in turn made me scream every time a contraction came i could feel it in one side, then all the medication that they gave me wore off or just didn't work and i felt the last 10 minutes of the delivery, they told me the last bit of it to slow down and not push because the doctor was delivering another baby, mom said that i started to scream and i told the nurses i was there first, which i was. well at 8:16pm my beautiful baby girl Mckenzie came to my arms, then they took her, they weighed her 5 pounds 15 ounces, and measured her 19 and a half inches long. We took the opportunity of the nursery and left her in there for the night so i could get some well needed sleep. the next morning at about 6am i woke Joe up to go and get my new baby girl.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good and bad weekend

Well this past weekend were went to my nieces 1st birthday, well it all started on are way down we pulled into richfield to get gas well we ended up getting stranded there, the water pump went out in are car. Well sense Joe works on are cars he decided to fix it him self which it did save us some money but we were stuck in richfield overnight. Well he had to drop the engine and he found more problems, but he fixed all the problems and went the on are way. we finally made it to enterprise 26 hours after we left Vernal, we were suppose to be there 20 hours sooner. Well we made it that night we drove over to Panacka were there is a hot springs, well my sister said that is was warm, well i believed her we got in are suites and froze and jumped in, it was freezing, so i can now say we went swimming in a pond in the winter very stupid, when i got out i froze even more I had to run to the car talk about an ice cube. well we drove back to my sisters, the next morning we were planing on coming home at noon well that didn't happen, my brother in law told us he had a great fishing spot that he was catching some nice big fish out of so we love to fish so we went, he didn't tell us that it was down a cliff, but we love to fish so down we went, we were down there for about an hour nothing no fish no nothing, we stayed there for about another hour and finally gave up, back up the cliff, Joe was pushing me up, we finally got close to the top and i slipped Joe caught me thank goodness, but now i have bruises on my knees. we made it back to the car went back to my sisters gather are stuff up said are good byes it was 3 when we finally got out of there. we had more problems on the way home, not a serious as before but more problems. we finally made it back to vernal we were so tired we stayed at my moms instead of driving another hour home. that was are weekend. hope fully that is all the bad luck we will have for awhile but i dought it. with my luck all i have is bad so i guess its better then none. I don't have any pictures of are trip, we lost my camera, part of are bad luck.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Butchering of curly fries

This weekend we Butchered the meanest cows on are ranch, we called him curly fries, why we call him curly fries is because his horns where curled and going into his head, he would never let us get close enough to cut the horns, so we fat-end him up and butchered him out. This was the first time I have seen the process, well its not a pretty site. Joe told me it would only take one shot well it didn't they had to shot him twice. Well the process went on and now today they are up at one of my mother in laws cutting the meat into steaks hamburger and what ever else they can get out of him. He was a very big cow.

They smelt really bad after it was all done. But that is what we did this week end and i bet when we need more meat well butcher out more of the cows we have. I think with everything that is going on in the Work place Joe is thinking more and more about getting more cows, and other animals back down here to raise up and sell and also keep for are self's.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas and More

Well its been a while sence I have been on so here are some pictures from Christmas and what we did on new years.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Its a GIRL

Her are some pictures of the baby

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Economic Crisis

watch this video its on the economic crisis

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hunting in Enterprise and up at are Cabin on Dimand Mountin

The past hunting season has been a pretty good one, the first hunt was up at my sister in Enterprise, the were hunting a bull elk so for the weekend they hunted while me and my mom watched the girls, We couldn't get are campers in to where they wanted to go so we tent it wow i have not sleep in a tent in a long time it was OK i guess but man did i miss my Camper. well each night we waited for them to come back to camp with some new and the last night they saw anything my sister shot and missed, shot and missed, well with muzzle loader one shot is all you got then you have to look some more and reload the gun we have gotten pretty good at reloading are muzzle loaders, well that hunt we didn't get anything, The next hunt was up at are cabin this past weekend they went up early Friday morning we came up later the whole weekend they seen nothing but tracks, finally the last morning we were up there they went out early and finally got one. I was going to take a picture but they had all ready had it skinned before i could get a picture plus when i would look at it it would make me sick. But now we have some meat for winter. Well i don't have pictures right now but i will post them later. That is are hunting trips for this year unless we go for coyotes.